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Ashtech Innovation and Research, Inc. is the intellectual property holder of a highly innovative construction product poised to revolutionize the wallboard industry. The product, tagged "Flashboard", is made from a mixture of base materials derived from cenospheres, a waste product produced from the burning of coal, and is a cleaner, stronger, and better substitute for gypsum wallboard.

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Consolidated Energy Systems

Consolidated Energy is a Salt Lake City, Utah based company that is developing a low cost fuel alternative for large stationary power diesel generation systems that currently use expensive heavy fuel oil. Consolidated's patent-pending technology enables it to use refinery waste, such as petroleum coke, in existing power generation systems and reduce costs by up to 50 percent. By concentrating on the use of carbon neutral bio-fuels and developing low emission projects using opportunity fuels, Consolidated Energy is well positioned to take advantage of the fast growing demand for new energy sources.

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Solid Carbon Products

Solid Carbon Products has developed a proprietary method of affordably producing carbon nanotubes from sequestered CO2. CO2 emissions have been growing steadily over the last few decades and significant consideration is now being given to reducing the carbon dioxide released through power and industrial processes. Solid Carbon Products has received positive feedback from industry customers and continues to move forward developing strategic relationships and a sales base. Its carbon nanotube technology is set to revolutionize current industry practices.

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Viola Mattress

Everybody wants a great night's sleep, and we make it easy with real beds for busy people. Voila offers high-end mattresses at affordable prices - and high-end mattresses start with the best possible materials, like gel-infused memory foam, talalay latex, triple-edge support, and 768-count five-zone pocket coils. Sound too good to be true? Try a Voila mattress for yourself.

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