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Telecom Industry Looks Forward to Mass Production of ACTR's GeoStrut Towers

As ACTR prepares for the mass production of their revolutionary GeoStrut telecommunication towers, orders from around the world are beginning to pour in. Unlike any other product currently available to the data and voice communications market, GeoStrut towers solve the elusive problem of mass-producing carbon fiber lattice structures, making it possible for telecommunications companies to easily and cost-effectively erect towers in even the most remote locations. In addition, because of their unparalleled strength-to-weight characteristics, installation costs of GeoStrut towers are approximately 20-30% lower than those of traditional towers.

Telecom companies across the globe are quickly catching on to the enormous potential of GeoStrut's products and are lining up to place orders. ACTR recently received their first orders from Southeast Asia, Mexico and Canada, including one order for nine 80' towers. Two additional towers were also shipped to Australia, where one installed tower has already been functioning for over a year.

In order to accommodate this rapidly increasing demand for GeoStrut towers, ACTR's engineering department has been working diligently to streamline their manufacturing processes as they approach mass production. The result has been a 25 percent reduction in cost, giving them an even greater advantage over the competition, specifically the manufacturers of steel towers. In addition, their factory in Lindon, UT was recently optimized for mass production, helping to further drive down production costs and increase manufacturing efficiency.

Following this auspicious entry into the global telecommunications market, ACTR will be working to build additional manufacturing plants in strategic locations across the globe. Several countries have demonstrated interest in hosting manufacturing facilities, and a term sheet has already been signed for a factory in Malaysia.

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