CEO Testimonials

"I trust the principals at RTV based on their experience and integrity. We know that our ideas and our passion to take our products to market will be facilitated with their input on helping us execute our plan. I would heartily recommend RTV to entrepreneurs that want a strong partnership with a venture capital firm that will listen and provide great feedback and support."

Roger Swenson

Consolidated Energy

"The RenewableTech Ventures team has the vision and courage to help innovative companies succeed. I have worked with many VC's through my career and have found work with RenewableTech, to be the most useful. We rely on the RTV teams' wise advice, and rich network of resources as key contributors to our success."

Dallas Noyes

Solid Carbon Products

Consolidated Energy Systems - Clean Energy Solutions Ashtech Solid Carbon Products
Voila Mattress Ashtech Solid Carbon Products